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The amp steps are nice. My personal belief though is I like side steps / running board which are heavy, stiff, and mounted to the frame. Call me paranoid, but my grandfather had his legs saved by a set of frame mounted tube steps when he got t-boned by a car in his f-150. May not seem like much, but Iíve noticed less intrusion into the passenger compartment with frame mounted steps. Iíve not seen any broadside impacts yet with amp steps, so I canít say whether they hold up better or worse. But I can say frame mounted steps hold up WAY better than steps mounted to the pinch weld in a crash.

Everybody who drives a truck at my office (coroner) and all the folks I know at EMS and FD with trucks either buy it with them already on it, or we get them installed in short order. Obviously salary is crap so comparatively few of us have power steps...

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