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Originally Posted by TheKid760 View Post
Originally Posted by smelonas View Post
BBi 0.5s
Borg Warner 363sxe
Aftermarket manifold(either third gen or second gen style depending on depth of pockets)
Built trans
MM3 with tunes by Gordon (dodge74 on here) or someone else on here
Single piece driveshaft
Added fuel filtration
Steering box brace
Bypass heat exchanger
Install dynamic transmission thermostat bypass in front cooler

That's a solid build right there. Should be good for many many carefree miles.

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With only 0.5 bbi I think he should go 362.

In my opinion the 363sxe is a useless turbo. It flows less than 5 lb/min (some places site it as only 0.5 more, hard to read the edge of the map) over the 362, at a lower pr and efficiency.

Which means if you go with the 363 over the 362 then max hp potential gain is only 4-40 using the 8hp/lb rule of thumb. But due to the decrease in efficiency you gain about 44 outlet temperature at 40psig. And with a larger wheel it will inherently spool slower.

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I agree with a 362 with bbi .5s. Just because I think u need more injector. but as for putting down the 363, I disagree. All of that stuff sounds good on paper but my experience the 363 and 362 spool damn near identical. And the 363 has greater potential (future compounds or just peek hp) regardless of a possible slight efficiency loss.

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