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Originally Posted by Jonny72888 View Post
Really? I always figured the colder air would be better. I have rather limited diesel modification experience. I'm coming from turbo gas engines. I have 2 kits ts of water/meth I've been tempted to use. Not sure how diesel engines act with it. I know my 2 liter i4 loved it. Used a wot switch and psi switch. Kit turned on at wot and 30psi. Worked wonders.

I'm just trying to justify spending the extra 1300 on bigger ones over just putting new Bosch ones in. I'm either going exergy 30% or stock Bosch.
Will there any major downside to running the 30% on my setup until I get a new turbo?
My plan was turbo then injectors but plans changed when the Injector went out.

Haze isn't bad, I just don't want to be rolling coal everywhere I go.
Cold air for power, hot air for mpg, cold fuel period... Tune in cold weather. Dial it in as temps heat up... I did this recently and results are awesome for what i use my truck for... Daily driving... Just now attempting to get it fine tuned with smoke table

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