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Originally Posted by Jonny72888 View Post
Not really sure about the trans, shifts fine. It's not original to the truck I don't think. I have a new vb and bd solenoid kit on the shelf waiting to go in. Maybe over the winter I'll pull the trans and get a rebuild kit.

I'll have to check out those new injectors. I've had bad luck with remans. So I'm definitely going new. So I guess the question is if I get them with nozzles or put them on myself.

After more research I'm going to do 30/33% ones.

A better intercooler and pipe will help overall with everything. Power is in air density not boost. Make more power with less throttle keeps everything happy.

As far as custom tunes. That might be down the road. For now I'll stick with the banks. Like I said not going for crazy power. Just a good all around truck. 450-500whp is max for my goals.
Upgrade/Rebuild that trans, get efilive. And youre done. No injectors needed. If u must get injectors, go with bbi. If u just want stock new bosch, 2000$ from injectors direct. I wouldnt put nozzles on new bodies, not worth it.

I just recently went thru all this and came from the same turbo 4cyl background. Welcome to the forum.

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