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Originally Posted by snowfarmer View Post
Grunt is basically saying our stock Intercooler is awesome. A new aftermarket cooler won’t improve anything for your setup. Just trying to save your money is all.

Also stock new injectors will get to your goal. But a 30 over will do nicely. Exergy has 30% overs brand new sets for about $3200.
Originally Posted by GRUNT 11B View Post
I understand that I won't gain anymore power but I'll be able to move more air easily.

I have it narrowed down to s&s or exergy. It's about $1000 more than stock. Now I'm not sure if it's worth it if I don't need the extra fuel.
I read alot that even on stock setups larger injectors help. I'll have to do some more research and get some more input from everyone here.

Originally Posted by Jonny72888 View Post
A better intercooler and pipe will help overall with everything. Power is in air density not boost. Make more power with less throttle keeps everything happy.
That's not true. But if you wanna spend $1000+ for some parts that you won't feel any change from, well thats up to you.
My thought was for $1000 I get a bigger cooler, larger pipes, and a better intake horn.
My intake air Temps are usually 10* or so higher than outside temp. I appreciate everyone's input and opinions. That's why I asked the question. I like to hear from other people and their personal experience with products.
Originally Posted by 59turbo View Post
Originally Posted by Jonny72888 View Post
My concern with buying injectors already setup is that they are reman. Vs I can buy brand new bocsh ones and put nozzles on.

I'm not going for big hp numbers. I want a drivable truck that I can tow or drive anywhere. That was one of the reasons that want to do the intercooler kit. Not for power just more reliable power. Keep egt down.
go with the bosch motorsports 50 or 100 hp with the spray angle you want, opinions on this vary wildly so read up and make your own choice. These are new injectors btw so nothing to worry about. Exergy sells these as do others for the same money as a stock size set give or take. definitely go new tho.
I did see these mentioned a few times. It seems to be very mixed. A lot of people say that they will melt Pistons. I don't see that happening unless you put a crazy big one in or when with the wrong angle. What I like about the other two I mentioned above was they keep the factory angle and hone out the holes to make them larger. Some of the other nozzle companies give you new nozzles that might not match up to the same angle as Factory. I will say one thing over the past couple weeks of doing research on injectors there is definitely a lot more to it than I originally had thought. I'm glad I didn't just go on eBay or something and by the first set of injector nozzles I saw.
Do you have any personal experience with the Motorsport injectors?
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