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Originally Posted by KATOOM View Post
Then its not driveline related...

You said you have new tires, so was the vibration exactly the same or did it change at all? Meaning, did the vibration change at certain speeds or feel any different or was it no different with old tires vs new tires? My first reaction was to blame it on bad tires but new tires should have solved whatever that could have been. But...if the tires are low quality and/or the tire shop has equipment which isnt calibrated right, or the techs are just lame at their job, then it could still be tires even though they're new.
One rule of thumb for tires is when they roll on the balancer there should be little to no movement. I wont take a tire that has a 1/4" of tread movement. Then if the tire has more than 1 oz of weight per side, that would indicate a problem. Either tire is not round of something else is wrong. I've seen shops put 3 oz on one side of a tire and call it good. Thats bad...
Had the same exact problem with the previous set of tires (Toyo ats) I’ve had three different shops inspect and balance them two of which I watched them do it and none of the tires were that far off. I can’t remember off the top of my head how much they put on.

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