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Revmax TCM with Stock Trans

Just ran across this thread again while searching VB stuff. Update to my experience:

Iím still running a revmax TCM on a bone stock OEM and UNSERVICED (as in, 11-year-old fluid) trans knocking on 180k now (havenít done any road tripping or towing due to the trans being hurt). Itís gotten to the point where at >30% throttle, >15% load, or >130* trans fluid temp, 6th wonít hold. Engages and immediately goes into logical limp mode (1st and 4th, no TCC lockup). Holds fine though if all those parameters are under those levels though. This leads me to believe my valve body and/or line pressure sensor has finally completely given up the ghost and may have been (probably was) the issue from the beginning. I swapped my factory TCM back in just for funsies and even doing the ďtake it even easier than I already wasĒ CVI reset period, it wouldnít hold 5th or 6th under any conditions and would throw pressure and rationality errors as soon as it got above 5th (EDIT: sorry, above 4th) despite not feeling like it was slipping. Fluid is still bright red and doesnít smell burnt. Swapped the revmax TCM back in, cleared the codes, and babied it for 2 more days and itís back to holding as it was early in the post and with no codes showing unless i give it 6th with >130* pan temp, >30% throttle, or >15% load. Holds 5th just fine though for normal gentle driving up to at least 65mph.

Iíll be calling revmax after my tax return hits mid-late this week for a VB and such. Wanna see how far I can push this trans on as little as possible before it absolutely requires a full teardown...

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