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Today was a good day. I had my 24v top rad hose show and as expected with about 75 mm trimmed off the engine end it fit up perfect to the 7.3 radiator. Also had the fan and radiator in together for the first time and i have about 1.5-2'' or so of clearance from the rad to the stock 12v fan. I also trimmed out the fan shroud so it all fits up neat and tidy. I'ts really coming together and looks very factory so far. I'm having the tail shaft cut and shortened this week coming hopefully.
Next step is onto the power steering setup and then it's pretty well drivable. the gauges and all the stuff that not important will be hooked up once it can be driven around to various shops etc.

Also ill be making my throttle linkage for the p-pump tomorrow as well. My temporary copper one binds up a little and leaves the engine revs at about the 1100 mark I'm guessing until i pull the go pedal back up with my foot(not ideal).

I'm kind of annoyed my engine didnt come with the p-pump linkage seen as though i paid a premium price for the engine.

2003 f250 extracab 6bt 12v p pump,afc live, south bend clutch,and ordering k27 borgy soon
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