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Originally Posted by daword2011 View Post
Do you run a full 16oz in a single tank? I know on the CP3 in my Duramax apparently, 2 stroke oil isn't as good for common rail setups so I always used Diesel Kleen.

Wow! Wouldn't think the diesel would be any good after that long, guess it lasts a good bit longer than gas does!
I run 32 oz 2 stroke oil in a full tank fuel no added smoke or anything. I would not hesitate to even double that in the first tank of fuel you run in it. As for the 15 year old fuel it stank really bad and was starting to turn a brown color but we didnít have a decent way to dispose of so much fuel so we tried it and it ran fine!!!!! Iím sure it wonít be as efficient or powerful as fresh fuel though.

Edit: running 2 stroke oil in fuel has even fixed fuel leaks for a couple people myself included.
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