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363sxe Borg Warner (tight exhaust housing for fast spool and quick power given this is a *chase truck*, I would personally do 0.83 housing and 68 turbine wheel. Top end will suffer but just keep it in the sweet spot)
S & B air intake
Exhaust with a muffler probably
Custom tuning by either mm3 or efilive(5 tune on demand) a couple tuners are on this forum, I would use them
I assume this is a 48re truck. Going to NEED a converter and billet input. Triple disc goerend(17SS) and TCS input. A proper built trans with all the billet goodies will also be necessary. I recommend calling dynamic transmission. His knowledge is just insane and he will make your truck shift and behave how it should. His valve body is the bees knees.
And as far as upgrades go for the trans and being you need reliability as this is a chase truck, I would definitely look at bypassing(full delete) the heat exchanger and upgrading the front cooler because the trans will undoubtedly build a ton of heat. I would upgrade the front cooler and add a fan forced cooler under the bed on a thermostatic switch. That should cover the trans.
If your truck has a carrier bearing driveshaft, i would also be looking to 86 that ASAP.
Dont forget to grease the front driveshaft too.. super important as your tcase will inevitably explode if you dont.

That's a list I can put my name on. I could go on and on and on but that covers what you asked about and more.

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