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if you go to a 6" I'd recommend going to 37's or 38's for the right visual proportions. Here's my truck on a 3" Carli Dominator system with 305/70/17 tires (a 34ish" tire) and then 37/125/20 tires. Both look good, but a 37 definitely looks better! Keep in mind though that you need to have the perfect wheel specs to stuff a 37 without major rubbing, and you'll also need high clearance control arms. A 35 will fit on stock arms no problem.

CMH2007 is right that the 6" kits do cost more as they have more components, but with ether Thuren or Carli, the 6" kits provide more wheel travel than the 3." On these kits, the height is actually just a byproduct of travel increase since the only way to increase travel on a solid axle truck is to increase the distance between the axle and frame. Hope that helps!

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 by Andrew Villablanca, on Flickr

2006 Ram 2500 by Andrew Villablanca, on Flickr

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