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The tranny was freshly rebuilt with a new billet TC and Amsoil in it. I pulled over at the first sign of trouble and it was around 50 degrees outside when that happened. The engine temp never climbed over the normal range. I've never seen the engine temps get even close to the high side, always around 200-210 if I remember right. The transmission shop deleted the heat exchanger for the transmission with the assurance that they do it all the time and have never had any issues with it. That is probably contributing to the higher trans temps, I just wasn't sure if the trans temps were responsible for the OD kicking out or not (and the AC). I can see the AC turning off to help keep some heat away from the tranny cooler up front maybe, but not sure if it's designed to do that or not.

My transmission guy says he thinks I need to replace my fan clutch. Maybe, it's original with 275k on it. It has resistance when I spin it but it probably isn't up to spec anymore. He builds a lot of performance transmissions and says the exchanger delete has been successful for him every time. Both times it got hot enough to turn off OD, it was 45 mph or less and shifting up and down a lot. I suppose I could try that and keep an eye on temps, but I'm debating if electric fans might be the way to go.

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