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Funky Hunk
did you have to mod the floor to fit the 1000?
shifter? check. I have both 4 and 5 speed freightliner cable shift units. pulse I can mod the stock gate in the collom to match the allison pattern.

wiring ? trans mission tuner from Montana Allison 6-speed Swap link is advertising a plug and play computer w premade harness for 1st -current gen to 6 speed Allison transmission conversion
For non-electronic engines, no other aftermarket mystery modules, custom valve-bodies, or a bunch of sensors are required for fully automatic 6-speed operation- just the right Allison TCM with the correct program, wire harness, and throttle position sensor. If you have a 12 valve Cummins, you may be able to use the original style Throttle Position Sensor, however the Allisonģ TPS is much more durable
I'll be calling him soon.

cross member ? check. I will be building a custom Allison 545 rear top mount to work around the d-line park brake, debating whether to keep the mid mount for added chassis stiffness (3 mount system normal motor mounts +a plate bolted between the trans and block mounted to the frame + trans mount on tail shaft housing we used these systems on our dirt track street stock, modified , and late model classes) or delete the mid .

Driveline ? to be ordered . Simple measure twice order once per trans, did this with my old 79 K-20 chevy changing from NP203 to NP205 and many of the race cars.

adaptor/bell is a SAE #2 or#3 I have to measure to confirm. so the 2nd install(1000) has the same SAE bell requirement just duse not use the spacer as the torque converter takes up the extra space with the lock up clutches

91.5(June) D250, HX35W/12+BD QSV 25 psi, HVLP piston LP ,3.55, Allison 6sp , 350k ish odo fail;Gages boost , 12 probe aviation egt( 150ms response probe), and coolent gage, DAP 3pice manifold repoped stock injectors . Aero Tonto 24-29.3mpg. @ 22 somethings broke.
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