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Originally Posted by kazot View Post
What I am getting from this thread is that my mixture and efficiency are not going to be changed, that all that will change will be the available HP output?

So then I have to ask why everyone doesn't put in the highest profile plate allowing the engine to produce the most HP it is capable of?

Because each profile plate has different characteristics. Some allow tq to come in low and sustain egt through the rpm range. Others give you tq in midrange and ramp egt up with increased rpm. There are more combos. It is also a function of which p-pump you have, which turbo, which injectors. Some people just remove the plate altogether and control egts with their foot.

And I hope I don't muddy the waters here, do different injectors allow better combustion and increase the fuel efficiency?

Not necessarily, too many variables. Changing the timing would allow better combustion and increase efficiency.

MEH! In the end I am just trying to find out how to get the best performance with the best fuel mileage while keeping the system as simple as possible. (I do understand that the way I drive will have a great affect on this.)
Keeping it simple would be a 10 plate as Destroked advised, try a couple different settings for timing and tune the AFC.

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