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Engine and transmission questions

Looking for the powertrain gurus to chime in on this.
I have a 2015 Ram 3500 SRW with the 68RFE and 89,xxx miles. Truck is not deleted or tuned (though I would love the extra power and performance). I have been having some transmission problems (only with a load, never empty).
I was finally able to stop by the dealership yesterday and took the transmission tech for a drive to duplicate the problem of the truck missing a shift under acceleration.
He stated that because of the way it shakes the whole truck it is likely the torque converter.
What he was surprised about was that there wasn't an engine light on because the truck seems to lose power and not continue to accelerate when that happens.
Two hours later, when heading out of town I go to pass a gravel truck and it misses a shift again but worse than it has before and even threw an engine light this time. Codes were U010C, P0201, and P0202 (I have the Edge insight installed).
Weird thing is that after I swapped the load with a lighter load the engine light eventually went away.
I am scheduled to drop it off tomorrow but so I can understand more of this, what is going on?
Why do the engine lights clear out on their own?
Is the problem still there, just reduced?
Am I asking to much from my truck?
Thanks in advance.

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