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Originally Posted by 9297oldram View Post
Is a Standalone Controller included in your electronics you have? A friend just put a 12v in a 2008 F450 and he had to use a Standalone Controller.
From everything I've read and with talking to diesel tuning companies; the better way to go is to use the factory ecu and wiring. A SCT tuner can alter shifting and make for a good running unit. I have to add a TPS, engine speed sensor, MAP, and coolant temp. But, those are needed with a standalone or factory. Those items are pretty cheap and very easy to add, but it does add up.

No, I do not have a SCT or standalone yet though. That is a very valid point. It seems like the 48re is gaining ground.

This is why I wanted to ask you guys, help me think of items that I haven't.

Keep the ideas coming
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