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AS68RC question

So I have a 2014 Ram 3500 SRW.

It has an AS68RC in it as opposed to the as69rc

The dealer said he doesn't know why it is a 68 instead of a 69, as if it was a mistake and it shouldn't be in there. nonetheless, I have an issue

I had a transmission flush at a local oil and lube shop and the guy assured me his fluid is compatible. after about 5 miles of driving the shifting is off, torque converter has a hard time locking up, and when it was cold one morning when I stopped at a red light, it stalled and killed the engine when I tried to take off.

Turns out the fluid is a CAM2 Dexron-VI Multi-vehicle Full synthetic ATF, which is labeled on their site to be compatible with the AS68RC (page 2)

Ram dealer does not have it marked as compatible but said to leave the fluid in for a few hundred miles and check back in, they set tranny to relearn.

Two days later, shifting is worse.

I looked up AIsinTransmission website and found this
It specifically states Dexron and Mercon fluid is not compatible and will cause damage.

I have two questions if you would please.

1. Is the AS68RC in a 2014 3500 SRW out of place?

My truck goes into the shop in two days for them to check it out and see what to do.

2. Should I pay for a flush at the dealer to see how it handles afterward or should I push for written documentation from the dealer then check with the oil lube people for their insurance information and make a claim?


-Stressed out person

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