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The recall info i see online says "remedy not yet available", which means to me that this is just an interim step and the real fix will come later. It is about time they got to this. The thread engagement of the nuts and sleeve on the link ends is extremely loose. It doesn't surprise me a bit that it will jump threads. Notice that the recall says "may have been built with an outboard steering linkage jam nut that could loosen allowing one end of the drag link to separate from the adjuster sleeve". The only way for that to happen is if the sleeve jumps threads; the sleeve cannot rotate if only one nut is loose. This also fits with what people have experienced where the wheel suddenly is off by 1/4 turn or more; not gradually but all at once. I have been waiting for this recall for a few years.

If they weld the nuts to the sleeve, you'll have to angle grind them loose if you need to adjust the drag link. I doubt there is an alignment shop that will do that, or one that will tack weld them again when done. Loctite has worked fine for me so far, and I painted marks to make it easier to see if the nuts were coming loose again.

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