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Originally Posted by Wambo1986 View Post
Hello everyone, new on this form. Also new to the Cummins world. I recently got a truck I couldnít pass up. Super clean 2014 2500, 6.7 Cummins, 6 speed, deleted, intake, tuner, exhaust 60k miles on the clock but itís 2wd... Itís bare bones, Manual locks, windows, rubber floors, no fancy gadgets.

On to my question. I use to own a 2016 4x4 hemi ram and the suspension looks like same as the 2wd I have now. Does anyone know what the differences are between them?

I did read that with the G56 manual trans I can pull the tail section off and replace the seal and bolt the manual (non eclectic) transfer case to it.. so my thinking is if a front axle out of a 4x4 truck would bolt in... maybe converting this truck wouldnít be too bad?

There is a 2013 at a junk yard close to my house that has a transfer case and matching axle to what my rear is...

Whatís everyoneís thoughts? Sorry for the long post but the only thing I donít really like about this truck is that itís 2wd.. but on the other hand I could leave it 2wd, put a big turbo on it and have a lot of fun on the highway lol.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry to say.. it is never that easy..
first off you have to make sure the frame is the same.. I doubt it but it is possible.. go look at the one in the yard.
second.. it may not have the same mounts configured to the frame.. such as the spring mounts, shock mounts, steering suspension mounts..

the gear box may be the easiest part.. but watch out for the main shaft being different.. you may have to tear down the trans to fit the main
shaft that will work with the transfer case.. then there is the whole tcase shifting lever, switch thing..
also the wiring that switches the axle lock on the front axle when you activate the front diff..
then there is the computer that has no idea how to react to the 4wd switch that you just added..

I would bet it would drive your traction system completely nuts ....

just a few things to consider.. computer may be your biggest issue..

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