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Finally got home from work at a decent hour today and tested the AC voltage on the truck and it was at 0.2 volts at the battery, that is acceptable, isnt it? However, when I fired up the truck tonight, the tach was not working and did not budge. So I shut the truck off after about a minute of running and then turned it back on. The tach still never moved until about 30 seconds after I started it the second time. When it moved it slowly went up to about 900rpms bounced around for a bit there before it settled in steady at 900 (there was no hesitation or stuttering in the motor). Would the crank sensor or engine speed sensor be the cause of this? Also is it possible that a faulty signal from either of these sensor be the cause of the hesitation while under load?

2500 5.9 24v 5spd ext. cab 4x4
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