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I forget where I got the TPS, I put it on a few months ago. It was not from timbos, but I just checked out their website and I am going to hook up my voltmeter tomorrow just to make sure I dont have any erratic voltage.

I just took off the wiretap to check for corrosion and I see no signs. Just a normal bare wire. I can adjust my fuel pressure, but what is the reasoning behind cranking it up to 20psi?? If it was a fuel problem, wouldn't higher pressure just cover it up? Ill try to kick it up tomorrow after work and let ya know.

Ill ask a few buddies for a different scanner, I have the Genesis Evo 5.0. Some day a P Pump, but not now, this is my work truck and its hurting me having it out of commission.

There is no delay for the WTS, when the ignition is on, all the dash lights come on along with the WTS and it stays on until its ready. There is no delay at all and it illuminates as soon as the key is turned on.

Back before this was a huge problem I would come up to stop lights/signs and the tack would have the slightest drop, something that the average person would never notice or if they weren't paying attention/music was too loud. It was almost like a/c compressor kicked on..maybe a drop of just a 100-200 rpm. If I had the music down and was paying attention I could hear/feel it but something that was not very noticeable which is why I never thought much of it. Maybe it was just the preliminary signs of what this all escalated too...
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