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Originally Posted by cwh-g100 View Post
Hmm, ok..

A couple of scenarios.

1. My daughter was in the new dodge, i was in the ford, I was travelling 55 mph. She was following me on a 4 lane highway, decided pass me. Once she got beside me, I have it the gas stayed beside her for a little, then pinched it and pulled away, big time.... We stopped to eat a few miles down the road and said she was giving the dodge all it had, couldnt come close to keeping up with me.

2. With the dodge, I pulled my empty 3800# dump trailer from my shop to office. Going up a 1.5 mile hill which starts at a stop sign at the bottom the highest speed I could get was 53.

In the Ford I need to let off the gas @ 80+ with the same empty trailer.

3. In general, compared ro the Ford, this is very sluggish.. Just trying to understand why there is such a big difference.

As to modifying the truck, I really dont want to do that as ive heard the horror stories that can happen with some and the continued adjustments and fine tuning.

I'm trying to figure out if anyone knows, could the horsepower be choked due to the emissions and regs due to being a west coast truck? Could this be more of a performer if I took to the local dodge dealer, had rhe ecm flashed to Pennsylvania standards?
Iím pretty sure they havenít had a different emissions tune like you describe since the early 2000ís.

Itís possible something is wrong with the truck but also possible that there isnít.

Might be worth getting it looked at if you arenít familiar with them.

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