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Originally Posted by dancingcajun View Post
I was trying to inspect or change my rear brake self-adjuster. I have adjusted the adjuster on the back side of the wheel but after 3 days it 'resets' itself to where the brakes on this wheel are extremely sensitive and skids when applied.

I removed the wheel and saw the huge brake drum and another piece with bolts which I guess is the axle. I pulled on the drum and it wouldn't budge. Do I have to remove the axle so I can remove the drum? I've heard that on later 3/4 ton trucks, that you can do a trick without removing the axle and the drum will come off. Can it be done on my '92 truck?

This is driving me crazy with the one wheel is so touchy and skids with the slightest pressure. I've adjusted the adjuster 5 times from the rear access hole but returns in a few days as very sensitive. I am afraid on a wet day, I will skid into someone because the wheel locks up. While adjusting on the rear access hole, I've noticed that the teeth of the adjuster are very worn.

Any help is appreciated.


Need to buy a 2 9/16 axle nut socket it has to have rounded edges I believe. Then you remove the axle shaft and use that socket to remove the large nut holding the drum and hub onto the axle housing.
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