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What is your total fuel rate at that cruise speed?
My truck takes about 47-52mm to cruise.
I have my timing less than 10*. Around 7* for light cruise. Any more than that and it clatters pretty badly.
I just recently redid my timing using the udc calculator I found so it's at a 50/50 split from btdc/atdc. They say that split isn't perfect for every cell but that's what I ran with for now.
Comparing this tune to stock ecu and edge cts2 level 1, I'm +3mpg

2006 3500 QcDrw, Laramie, 4wd, 8" on 22.5's and super singles, blow thru with 3x 12's, soundstream, MBrp 5", diy s&b intake, ejwa cts2 + hptuners, torque diesel s1 inj, fass hd150 & 8AN, WW2.
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