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Boost/Smoke Question

I have been in the process of adjusting my truck for good response and minimal smoke. I think I am pretty close to where I want it to be at this point but what I am seeing is that I have pretty clean exhaust under acceleration initially but then it starts to smoke once the boost is up around 20-23 PSI which is where the waste gate is opening up.

Previously when I was adjusting it I would get some initial smoke but it would not smoke up on the high end. But low end/mid range smoke was way too much.

The engine is mostly stock except the few mods in my sig. The AFC is fully forward right now with the heavier spring from the TST kit installed. I also ditched the large cup washer in the AFC. Fuel pressure is good.

I just wanted to confirm the reason I am seeing all the smoke at the upper end of the power now is because I am running out of air for the fuel being dumped and wondering if I should consider a boost elbow.

96' 12V NV4500, 215 Pump. 3kGSK, TST heavy AFC spring. AFC FF
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