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The nut takes a 21mm wrench... I am in the same boat but do not have the option to cut the shock. Since you already cut the shock, pull one of the control arms on that side and let the axle drop under a controled condition (so you dont damage the arms) and pull the spring. Then you should be able to get a wrench on it and pull it.

I have searched a few dealers and there is no replacement clip. The replacement nut is one of those flag nuts that sits on the tracbar. Again, however there is no retaining clip to hold that in place. You'd have to hold the flag nut up there to get it started. I believe there is a retaining clip holding the tracbar flag nut in place which could be used on the lower shock buckets.

Hoping to get to a wrecking yard tomorrow to see if an axle I know is there has the flag nut retainer (again not found @ the dealer).

Forgot to add that the axle I'm looking at I already snagged the 2 retainer nuts that we are fighting with, I am reluctant to re-install them and am waiting to find out what holdsthe tracbar nut in place.

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