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I've master reset the unit, no change.

The GPS has been out for a week now. No signal. It knows N S E W and rotates but the map is in Texas right now after a master reset. Called Chrysler, they said take it in.

I pulled the head unit, checked the Ant/GPS and all that, all tight. Pulled the GPS lead and put another GPS antenna in and no change.

Looks like dealer time.

I did notice, that whenever the GPS is working, the Uconnect 3G is lit up. This has always corresponded with the GPS working. It was semi working the day I got the truck. I have not had that portion of service. I did in fact start to play with the uconnect one day when it was lit up in my driveway. This was about when or when the GPS signal loses started. I'm not sure how to proceed with finalizing that procedure of it it's necessary.

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