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It's been a heck of a couple days at work. Still have locations we can't get into because theyes haven't been plowed. Others that have been plowed have drifts so big we can't get through them. The plow drivers are getting stuck left and right. Spend more time pulling each other out then actually plowing.

I get to one of my sites this afternoon the see my chemical guys truck buried in the field. He went in to fill a chemical tank and on his way out the wind blew the gate on the road shut. When he went to go through after opening it is spun on ice and ended up in the field. I hooked up with my truck but I was on ice and have 2 bald front tires and the spare on the back.

One his coworkers shows up with his F350 cclb dually powerstroke. He tried with no luck. Then went around to the other side to try then buried his truck in the field. After an hour we got his out but the guy who was orginally stuck was still stuck.

So one of my coworkers with good tires showed up and he hooked up to the guy. He floored it and was able to rip the truck out of the field. After all this, the plow/cinder truck that I called for well over an hour ago finally showed up.

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