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3rd gen turbo replacement without pulling the manifold

I used a half inch long handle rachet adapted down to 3/8 and a real long extension from underneath to get the down faceing nuts off. Then I removed the oil lines and the down pipe. Next I took off the upward facing nuts with a long handled wrench. Next I dropped the turbo down and let it rest on the frame. Then I came up from the bottom and removed the metal oil drain tube. Then I fished the turbo out from the top. After that reverse the order to get it back in.

I put the drain pipe in then pulled it up to the manifold and hand tightened the upward facing nuts to let it hang. Then put everything except the exhaust and intake back on. then I tightened every thing up, reattached the down pipe and reinstalled the intake.

Removing the intake assembly, battery, and battery tray helps make room to get in there better to get it out. Having a step stool to stand on is also nice. It would have been easier going back together to have a second set of hands to help hold the turbo in place to get the nuts started.

It took me a little over 4 hours to do the swap on mine with all new o-rings and a new gasket on the manifold

hope this helps. feel free to pm me with questions ill do my best to answer them for ya

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