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fluctuating idle/runaway ?

Alright guys im officialy stumped right now and need some help with this.first off i wanna say my engine is a complete rebuild from block up.with that bein said i now have 3000 miles on it with no problems. it ran just fine.This is how it started drove 140 miles one way dropped off my daughter fueled up at a buccees gas station in terrell tx and hauled butt home goin about 75-80 mph runnin 2300 rpms or im finally almost home slow down to turn on my street and my truck trys to run away on me.i roll up in my driveway and try to start it and i have to use throttle which i never did before and it tries to run away i let sit overnight tried it in the a.m. and its hangin around 500-1700 fluctuating at currently runnin diesel treatment through it and i have inspected all cables and linkages as well as idle adjust screw.everything seems fine. so what now ?

5'' MBRP turbo back,#10 plate,intake horn,BHAF,timing bumped 18*,3k gsk ,auto to manual swap ddp 90 injectors/ddp delivery valves, industrial injection phatshaft turbo/afe intercooler''.... and always room to go bigger
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