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2wd custom coil spacers

Hey guys I'm planning on building my own custom coil spring spacers. They will roughly add about 1.25" of height because that's what I want and I have no good reason to spend over 100 dollars on some when I can make them! I was wondering if anyone would happen to have the demensions of:

1. Outside diameter of the top and bottom of the coil
2. Wire thickness of the coil
3. Inner diameter of the top and bottom of the coil

I have a shock off a 4wd but I'm not sure if it had the same deminsions as a 2wd. I'm trying to get deminsions because I'd rather build them before I have to tear into my front end to take my stockers out to put the spacers in.

2003 2wd quad cab, lowered suspension, 20x10 Fuel Mavericks wrapped in nitto 420s. Low N Slow
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