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It's definitely tuned.

When you plug the tuner into the obd port the current tune will be shown on the screen for a short time.

Any old school printer cable will work to connect the tuner to your computer for updates.

Your tuner is both delete and emissions legal tuning capable so you can have your choice (yes there are some like myself that are legally tuned).
When you load a Smarty ME tune it automatically disables the egr and dpf functions. From there you can remove the exhaust and either remove or keep the egr system in place.

You have 4 power levels to choose from. Stock, economy (40hp), tow (70hp)and performance (100hp). You'll get the best mileage on performance and max timing but its the hardest on the auto trans, manual trans clutch and head gasket.
Mads suggests that the tow (70hp) level is safe for our trucks IF you drive sensibly.
You can also run the performance tuning and set the power on demand (pod) around 85 to decrease the HP level. The advantage to this is you keep the aggressive tuning and fuel mileage while having less power and stress on the engine/trans.

The settings are different for the 4th gens than 3rd gens. You lose the torque management option and under timing management #2 is the greatest advance and decreases with 3 and 4 with 1 being the least, stock like timing.
Max timing gains are the best but if you get a lot of injection rattle you can drop it back to 3.

Besides all this, if you go to the SmartyJr link in the first post you'll find some links at the bottom of the page that will answer all of your questions. There's also a set of delete instructions (not sure if they're completely accurate for the 2010-12 model years) that will describe the delete process thats located just above the tunes.

If you're someone who likes to control more of the trucks tuning then the S67 is a better choice. On it you get more/higher power levels and you can control turbo, rail press and a whole lot more. There's also TnT tunes available for moderately to highly modified trucks that give some serious power increases.

That's about all I've got...

2007.5 Black Ram 2500 MC SLT 6.7, 2wd, 68rfe, 3.73 diff
Edge CTS, SmartyJr tuned, PML xtra deep trans pan and 2 add on fuel filters
(delete parts are no longer in the garage)

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