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Originally Posted by STREETcummins View Post
Ok, so its been a few months since I got a new Revmax 550 68rfe installed on my 2014. At first went back and forth with Kory and we had to do some line pressure adjustments to get it to idle correctly, etc. Have them mostly fixed, except when i put the truck in reverse the line pressure jumps up and its almost like the truck is applying to much pressure and it wants to rev up and I have to hold the brake down pretty hard. Anybody with the same situation? Also the main question I have. Say, when you go try to do a boosted launch. I can't rev up the truck or build boost if its at a complete stop... is that normal? I have to roll into it. Let the truck creep a few feet forward in order for the RPM's/BOOST to build. its like its surges if I'm at a complete stop and falls flat on its face.

If thats not normal... Can I do some data logging and maybe get a fix?
Are you sure the line pressure is jumping up? If so- whats it jumping to?
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