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There are usually tunes loaded on the tuners when you get them though there aren't any "base" tunes loaded onto the tuners. Think of them as computers loaded with the operating system (firmware) and the tunes being a data file loaded on them by the owner. The firmware controls the tuner (tuner operation, communication with the ecm and loading of the program onto the ecm) and the file is the program that's loaded onto the ecm during upload.
Each tune (program) either S-67 or J-67 based contains all the programming needed to delete the necessary equipment and the programming that allows you to adjust different parameters (many more on the S-67 than the J-67) and power levels.
Depending on the tune version they also contain tuning improvements to increase engine efficiency and mileage. (That's the reason the newer tunes don't smoke as much)
When you load a new tune onto the tuner you erase the old file/program and replace it with the new one.
Clear as mud huh?

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