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clutch reservoir 'upgrade' ?

....every time I get near the remote clutch reservoir in my truck I think I'm gonna break it. Just looking at it hard seems like it'll break the plastic mount clean off. Hell it wouldn't surprise me if, when rolling along, a decent bump wouldn't break the thing. My point is, I'm considering something a little stronger to replace my clutch reservoir, and I might have found just the ticket. Would appreciate y'alls thoughts about this Wilwood 4 oz master cylinder reservoir.

It is made for brake system, but I can't see any reason it wouldn't also be ideal for a clutch system? There is a 7 oz version too but I think that'd be overkill....then again I don't know what the capacity is for the 1st Gen reservoir - anyone know? I also haven't researched the hose sizes etc, but that can be altered if necessary.

Of course it might require a bracket to mount it level etc, but it sure seems to me like this would be a great way to get something new in there to replace the clutch reservoirs on our beloved 1st Gen's, no?

here's the link - $32 bucks from Summit -

the link to Wilwood -

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