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Look another CTD vs Gasser purchase question! long post

please read....I think this community can help me.

Everyone has a different but similar story. Yours may have been decades ago as you got a job, or started a business, or just worked your a$$ off to have nice things. My story is like wrapping in multiple lives into one, so I am asking what would you do?

I require a truck, I think, because I have always had one...something nice with a bed, that I want to be in for long periods, cargo space, people space, snow capable.

Only because of the interior (Longhorn) am I considering a Ram truck.
Only because I want a Megacab for a stereo upgrade am I considering a 2500/3500.
Only because I have never owned a diesel truck am I on this forum trying to learn about them.
Only because my 2015 5.3L Sierra has 115k on it, am I looking at the next purchase as a daily just cause it's is at it's peak resale-ability.
Absolutely because the GMs are no longer visually appealing and Ford is a bit long in the tooth.
I looked at the Raptor...no on the v-6, no on the $ per ability. I'm in Kentucky, where the F am I gonna find dunes?
I thought about the PowerWagon, but that interior is not where I'd want to be for 2hrs+ per day.

Life Background pertaining to vehicles and usage:
Own a 780ac. cattle farm (350hd), but have a dedicated straight truck for hauling (Ford C600 cabover with 330HD gasser). No gooseneck or plans for one.
Day job consists of a 110mi. round trip daily (33k yearly) with the wife since we work near each other and practically the same schedule.
We have driven a '89 Chevy RCSB 2wd, '95 Caddy Fleetwood, '02 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 8.1L gasser, '07 Trailblazer SS, and a '09 300 SRT8 all as dailies with a pickup to handle winter. All are "retired" from duty or sold as they grew tired after a 150k or more miles.

Only owned GM products in the past until the wife's '09 Chrysler 300 SRT8 and she has told me she won't be rid of that car. New aggressive cam, and tuning make this a beast and she loves it. Maybe I can love a Dodge...I mean Fiat...dammit...Ram.

No trailers, no toy haulers (but have 2 Polaris Rangers and a Polaris 4-wheeler), just wagons. No time for vacations and the wife hates camping unless the Marriott is involved. I need a car trailer....this may get me there, but for now...none.
It's muddy quite often where I go after the day job, so 4x4 is necessary.

Gasser or Diesel and why? When I get rid of whatever, would you be more apt to buy a 2019/20 6.4 mega with 150k as opposed to a similar diesel? Today in my neck of the woods, gas is $1.94 with diesel at $2.69.

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the diesels cost more for maintenance than the gas versions. properly maintained they go much farther in the long run.

2001 Dodge Ram 3500 - Cummins Diesel Engine - Diesel Power Magazine
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I think alot of people have this same dilemma, I did. Hope this helps: I went from a 2012 Ram 2500 longhorn, owned for 5 years. Great truck, but thought to myself, those 6.4 Hemi's are stout and they are. Gas prices were lower than diesel, so I pulled the trigger on a 2015 used 6.4 mega with low miles. Great truck too, but just felt very different than the cummins. Lets just say I sold that truck around the 6 month mark and now im back in a 2018 Mega diesel (I actually purchased it in KY). Unloaded MPG; Im averaging around 21mpg combined in the diesel and around 14mpg in 6.4. Biggest difference to me was towing. It takes alot more umphh in the 6.4. I noticed it downshifted alot with the 3.73 gears (if I was buying new i would get the 4.10 gears). The torque is almost double in the diesel.

Everyone says its more expensive to own a diesel...yes, it is in some ways. My oil changes are $69.99 at the dealer. I usually do this my self at 7500 miles. Fuel filter and water separator filter are $200 at the dealer. I change myself at 15k miles and cost me just under a $100. Other factors, diesel has 5 year 100k miles powertrain. I think the new HD gassers are 5 year 60K. Diesels will hold there value more but cost about 10k more upfront.
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2012 Ram 2500 Longhorn - Cummins - 4x4, Ranch color match lid. 2.5 level. deleted and tuned, Thuren adjustable track bar, Bilstein 5100's - sold
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Buy gasser 4x4 2500 mega cab Ram or GMC crew cab . Only reason for a diesel is towing/hauling heavier. You will get more resale from a diesel because you'll pay $10k more to buy it and maintaining a diesel costs far more.
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If your not towing much go w gasser. When i tow with the camper, when hooked up and getting gas it makes it easier to fill up with the semi truck lanes.

2018 Ram 2500 Mega - Cummins - 4x4 - level kit, stock
2012 Ram 2500 Longhorn - Cummins - 4x4, Ranch color match lid. 2.5 level. deleted and tuned, Thuren adjustable track bar, Bilstein 5100's - sold
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Well........ Here is my $0.02........ Been there Done this. 4th new truck in last 4 years... I "think" I have finally gotten in right. Im a bit "older" than some, younger than others. When I grew up Diesel trucks were not a "Thing". I ran Big Block 400 and 440 engines in my Dodge trucks.. I had half tons and swapped to 1 ton axles and big blocks in almost all of them. In 1994 I bought my first ever new truck. a 1500 Dodge Ram SCSB. Black, In 1996, I traded up for a extended cab short bed 1500. Sold for achiever truck and got a used 1992 250. went back to a 2500 gasser. in 2000 I started with Cummins trucks. then 2003 then 2006 got first cummins Megacab. ended up converting to a dually sold and bought a new 2012 Mega Dually.. I towed A LOT back then. I sold the trailers and decided to go to a 6.4 Hemi 2500. Couldn't find one so I "settled" for a 1500 Limited. Beautiful car. Sold after a year, lost a$$, got a new 6.4 Megacab Limited. Did what I needed it to do, Mileage sucked at 11.4 avg, and the 6 speed trans was horrible in my opinion. My job location changed and I was driving 85 miles a day round trip and burning through gas like water, so I traded it in for a new 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie. Definitely one of my favorite trucks. Ordered with 3.92 gears, had Mopar 2" lift installed by dealer so no warranty issues and 295/60R20 Michelin Defender tires. Great truck, Smooth, quiet, drove amazing. Well it was a lease and. of course, I mailed it out. I had planned to purchase it out but Chrysler Capital was on crack so I gave it back to the dealer.

I had test drove a new 202 6.4 Hemi with the new 8 speed auto and it was a completely different truck that the 6.4 with the 6 speed. Friend at the dealer also has a 6.4 longhorn for himself and said the same thing. He gets 17 mpg back and forth to work 60 mph on country 2 lanes.. Im in the city and don't see those mileages. My 1500 was 13-14 avg. He has an untitled 2500 Megacab Laramie on his lot with 4070 Miles. It was a Chrysler factory sale vehicle that had $500 in hail damage that Chrysler (Fiat) had repaired with pointless dent repair and you can not see even where the damage was. Had my loan check in hand and drove the 4 hours to his dealer to get my new 6.4 Mega... Got there and then saw "IT". I left with my check and another new BIGGER loan as I bought another 2500 Mega he had, a Longhorn with the black and cattle tan interior. It is BY FAR, The fanciest truck I have even owned. Even nicer than the Limited which is my favorite all black inside.. The combo I got is amazing to me. I chose to spend the extra 18k not only because I fell in love on sight, but the miles I drive the Diesel will suit me better, even NOT towing other than a small equip trailer that I pulled fine with the 1500 (squat with the Camaro on it ). NOW The argument of the $9100 Diesel option is true.. It is a big chunk. But in 5 years with 150 K that value will be more than 49K IN RESALE. I sold my 2012 cheap to my kids friend in 2016, 4 years old with 161,000 miles. got $32,000 out of it. Could have sold it on the open market for $36,000. I paid $51k Out The Door when I bought it. The 1500's lose about $15K the first year and the 2500 MEGA 6.4 lost about $12-13K after a year and about 26,000 MILES. Yes you lose the most the first year, but the Cummins truck will be worth WAY more in 5 years than a gasser. The gasser is a great package, but if your going to do that kind of mileage, I suggest the Diesel Mega. The comfort is great and the engine is far superior, even though the fuel and maintenance is more..The 6.4 Hemi also takes special Oil so Oil changes are also expensive due to the specific oil the recommend. the also "Recommend" premium fuel even though you can run regular unleaded, performance does suffer. Anymore questions, please feel free to ask.. Sorry so wordy
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Forget all the responses about money, operating expenses and re-sale. With your ranch, capital equipment, two major jobs the money is not an issue to you. You want luxury and performance matching your interests, now and the future.

Let's keep it simple. A large gas motor makes rpm for power and is rather obnoxious sounding but fast. The diesel is pulling power without the noise and rpm. it is its' own form of fun just feeling the thing pull. You go 110 miles each day. Relax and enjoy the leisure power of the diesel. Try it - you will like that feeling.
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I just went with a 2019 6.4 hemi. Got it on Monday. So far I love it. The truck itself is so much nicer than the 2016 I had. The gas engine won't get the mileage the cummins did, but I don't drive a lot of miles, and my drive to work is 1 mile and we hardly tow the fifth wheel anymore so the diesel just didn't make sense any more. We will see in the long run, but so far I like the gasser. The transmission is worth it to me. Hated the way the 68rfe was. This 8 speed is great so far. When the gas needs to downshift on a hill you don't even notice because it is so smooth. Bottom line, get what you feel is best for you!!
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If no towing I would buy the gasser 6.4 all day long.
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Buy the one you like. With gas you’ll spend a little more here and less there... with diesel you’ll spend a little more there and less here... at the end of the day you’re still spending a lot.

Personally, I wouldn’t even contemplate the Cummins until they replace the garbage RFE and Aisin.

2019 RAM 3500 4x4 Tradesman 6.4 8HP75 CCSB 3.73
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The perfect truck for you would be a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. And if you can't fit enough amps and subs in it, you're fccking deaf anyway so may as well just delete the radio instead!
Last part tongue in cheek. First part, here's why a 1500 EcoD is the right truck...
1. You "want" a diesel, because you don't need one at all based on your description of use. Check
2. You "need" 4x4 because you go wheelin after work, not because of all the snow in TN or getting over the curb into the Marriott.
3. You "get" the Longhorn interior you want.
4. You will get almost as good of mileage commuting (90% of your driving it sounds like) as if you added the Hemi AND Cummins fuel mileage together and forgot to divide by 2! (Hence your fuel price thing.) BTW, even with the ZF trans behind the 6.4 Hemi, a HD mega cab 4x4 gasser is not only a little as a gasser engine in a big truck, but your credit card will run away and report you for abuse at the gas pump card reader!
5. You'll get better resale by a long shot because it's a diesel, but the price of admission is less than the big C.
6. The 8HP trans in the Eco D (and most other Fiat Chrysler big engine vehicles) is the best transmission on the market. If you had an Allison in your 02 and you did have the NAG1 in the SRT8, if they had a perfect baby together, it would be a ZF 8HP transmission.
7. As much as I like big trucks, the 1500 will just be a more "relaxed" ride for the 2+ hours a day you spend riding with your wife (god bless you for doing that btw!).

Now all bullchit aside, I'd personally buy a Mega Cab diesel. Black. Because that's my favorite truck. I have one now and the next one will be the same but 15 years newer than the current one.
I'm totally serious about that, except I/we don't use the Mega for a commuter-mobile (wife did for the first 90k miles, but different situation then) and I don't pay for my commuter-mobile, but if I did, I likely wouldn't have a 1ton diesel just to drive to work and back if I was racking up that many miles commuting.

07 5.9 Mega, G56, SB Single disk Ceramic clutch, OE 1 piece Al driveshaft, 60hp Industrial injectors, Triple dog, Glacier 2mic filter, BD exhaust brake, ATI Super Damper, BD steering brace, Firestone bags, Big Wig swaybar, 4th Gen 20s and some home made Stableloads.
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I had a 6.4 Hemi 2500 LB 4x4.. I hated it. I hated the motor, it smoked, itrattled more than a diesel on startup and the transmission was geared way wrong internally. The tranny has since been fixed with the 8 speed offering. I didnt like how it pulled 10K pounds either. Having said that, even if I never towed a thing again, I would still like my 3500 CTD way better. It's just so relaxed when driving it. Basically idles everywhere but gets moving when needed (fast idle!)

2018 3500 cc lb 4x4 g56
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