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The 10,000th MPG thread.... or thereabouts.

OK, I know this horse has been beaten to death and this is probably the 10,000th post of the same topic, does that mean I win a set of steak knives for being #10,000?

Seriously though, returning to Cummins engines after a decade of running gassers and am a bit perplexed. My new (to me) truck is a bone stock 2016 Ram 2500 6.7/68RFE 4WD truck with stock 275/70-18 tires and 80,000 miles on the clock. I'm not expecting it to get the great mileage of my '97 due to being physically larger and dealing with more emissions, but I am disapointed in my truck thus far.

My daily commute is 35 miles each way with only two stops and all 70mph. I have a knack for getting better mileage than the average driver due to my driving style and would average 21mpg in my 12V truck. My most recent truck was a F-250 crew cab long bed with the same size tires as my Ram and with the 6.2 gas engine I would average 13.8mpg on my commute. This was better than most people would get from that Ford based on conversations with other owners.

Enter the 2016 Ram. So far I've only had it two weeks, but the mileage has been disappointing. The first week I managed to get 14.9 mpg and the second week I only managed 15.3 using all the tricks to better mileage that exists. At this rate I'm thinking I made a mistake and need to go trade it on another Ford as it's lacking the great efficiency that always made me drive a Cummins despite liking the Ford trucks better. I'm not knocking the Ram too much, but it's disappointing in a few regards, but those have nothing to do with my question.

So any suggestions on why this truck would barely break 15MPG despite running a very gentle 70mph? I already changed the fuel filters, air filter and did an oil change when I got home from the dealership just because I don't trust a dealer to do proper service on a used truck they are trying to sell.


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I'm confused, the Cummins get better mileage but the ford is more fuel efficient?

Do you hand calculate any mileage or do you always use the evic?

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Originally Posted by the man in black View Post
I'm confused, the Cummins get better mileage but the ford is more fuel efficient?

Do you hand calculate any mileage or do you always use the evic?
Don't worry about being confused, it happens to the best. I never said the Ford was more efficient, but rather the new Ram is lacking the efficiency that I loved with my old Cummins.

Mileage is always calculated, I keep accurate fuel logs on every vehicle including cost per mile. The Ford was actually cheaper though per mile because gas is cheaper than diesel.

That does bring up another thing that irritates me about the Ram. The EVIC is horribly inaccurate. The Ford was never off by more than .2mpg during the 104,000 miles I had it, but the Ram display showed 17.2 and it only calculates out to 15.3 which is pathetic.

My point, which maybe you missed due to my long winded question (my fault) is that the Ram gets pretty crummy mileage compared to what I had expected and was wondering if I'm missing anything? I know 12V engines front to back and top to bottom, but am a rookie with the CRD so I was hoping there was something else to check into regarding the poor economy.

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Here is a video about my MPGs
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Welcome to modern diesels with emissions equipment...and 800+ lbft of torque!

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That seems a little low for the type of driving you are doing but these new trucks are not known for stellar mpg. With that type of commute my truck would probably be around 17mpg? I've never seen over 19 even with all unloaded highway driving.


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Wait I here something...... someone is coming to chime in here soon and BS a story of their 25mpg average and say you have something wrong. Use your truck for towing and that should at least remind you of what the Cummins is about. 15-16 mpg for an emissions intact Cummins being 4x4 and 8000+ pounds I would say thatís good. I drive a car for mileage. Stock tire size on your truck?

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Just noticed this

Cummins owner: "I need better mpg in my powerful, 8,000+lbs, truck!"

1500 owner: "I need better towing capacity!"

Electric car owner: "I need more range for my commute!"

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On the EVIC or dash MPG reading, itís averaged over everything from the last time it was reset. So, if it was reset 34,000 miles ago, it will be way off on what it shows. Fill tank, rest the MPG, and youíll note closer to actual numbers. It wonít be exact, but close. Iíve hand calculated my MPG for over 2years now. Unless I reset the MPG on the dash, it tends to be ~2MPG off.

I too have a long drive I do weekly, when heading to my weekend home. 80 plus miles, at 70MPH, one border check point stop. If I fill before leaving, my fuel gauge Barely moves down. If Iím gentle, or use cruse I get about 22 MPG.

When on long drives ( 200, 400, 1200miles or more ), I can achieve 23 to 24 MPG. I mostly use cruise, but Iíll drive by foot often. One of my tricks is to get to speed quickly. I Accelerate rapidly to speed, then cruse. I coast when going down hills as I can. Donít use exhaust brake on ď fullĒ, as it eats any energy you used to gain speed. ( full EB, is when EB engages as you lift off throttle. This will hurt your overall MPG, as the energy you just used to gain speed is now being eaten by the EB). I try to limit use of any braking, by staying back from vehicles in front. When I need to exit or come to a stop, Iíll coast for awhile, instead of powering my way to the stop.

I avg 14 to 15mpg when in town driving. Every once in awhile Iíll get a bug and want to try getting awesome MPG. Iíll drive like a grandma, set my pedal commander to ECO -4, drive under 65, and the usual stuff. But, most of the time Iíll just drive normally.

In the end, I didnít buy this truck for mileage. Not saying Iíd be happy at 12mpg, but I also not expecting 20 MPG or better.

2014 RAM HD. Cummins 6.7 364.5SXE Turbo. EZLynk Tuned. Straight piped. Air-Ride.
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Please don't count me in for wishing more towing capacity with my 1500.
I won't even tow a deflated balloon with that one. Hook anything up behind it and you know it's there.
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Maybe if we start telling people that the brain is an app, they will start using it?

'14 1500 V6, '17 3500 C&C, plus a '19 3500 6.4 in the household.
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Try driving 55! lol

03 QCLB- 19 to 25 mpg with electric parts, and engine mods....
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Interesting comments, in many regards. Thanks to those whose intent was to be helpful, it is much appreciated.

To clarify a few points for the sake of understanding.

Tires are stock size on all my trucks, personal and work.

I reset the EVIC with every fill up. I also reset both trip meters and log fuel consumption in Fuelly. I've been doing this for the last half million miles in personal and company cars, trucks, motorcycles and I'd log fuel in my boat if it had a trip odometer. I'm rediculously anal about certain things and this is one of them.

It's not that I bought this truck for a commuter vehicle and expect prius economy. It was just time for a new truck and instead of going with a 6.7 powerstroke I thought I'd go back to a cummins. My last ford was a gasser and it was a great truck, but sucked when towing our new 5th wheel so that's why the change back to a diesel. My company truck is a 6.7 ford and it will easily get 18mpg when running along at 70mph. It surprises me that the Cummins will only get 15 at the same speeds. I never expected to get the same mileage of my old 12V (even thought it was laying down some serous power and still got great mileage) I did, however, expect to get the same or better mileage than the powerstroke that my company provides when I'm on the clock. I guess it's my own fault for setting those expectations and going a bit nostalgic with a cummins instead of sticking with the Ford trucks that I have grown accustomed to.

oh, BTW. What the heck is up with no telescoping column? Even my base model Ford with hand crank windows and manual door locks had a telescoping steering column.

In the end, when I see people posting of mileage numbers in the 20's I can only see it being one of three possibilities.

1. My truck is defective.
2. Their math is defective.
3. They are lying.

I've not decided which the case may be because I don't have enough information to come to a conclusion. I do know, however, that every vehicle I have ever logged in Fuelly has me getting more mileage than the average, often times by a considerable margin. Seriously, my wife can drive the same vehicle and get 5mpg worse on the same dang roads!

I'll just keep driving the Ram for a couple years and then trade it on a low mileage 2020 Superduty sometime around 2021.

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