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Drove a 16 megacab 2500 black appearance today....few questions!

Straight to the point, I have had a 12 ram 2500 (deleted)...as well as a 13 ram 3500 left stock.....so, I'm not new to these vehicles. I regret getting rid of the deleted 12 2500 and going to the 3500 with a few more bells and whistles as the 3500 was killing me as a daily driver...back aches/neck pains....what was I thinking! lesson learned! 3500 truly not meant to be a daily driver unloaded 99 percent of time.

Im thinking of getting into a black appearance 2500 as they have really grown on me and I want to make a few trips back out west to colorado and Utah with my Jeep 06 LJ in tow.

What I drove was a 16 ram 2500 bighorn black appearance with 5th wheel prep/rear air. I really enjoyed driving the truck and I'm just wondering if the mega cab will be too much as a daily driver. Fortunately, I have a good parking spot at work and I avoid downtown as much as possible so I don't think that would be an issue. Im thinking that the mega will provide some extra room for trips etc...perhaps even a place I can sleep when traveling if need be. Any thoughts.....?? Any peeps out there regret not getting the regular crew cab version over their mega purchase?

I'm wondering if the rear air is a necessity....leveling out a load would be nice.....any thoughts on the pros and cons of the rear air system? Also, it seems that when it is parked it sits a little lower in the rear than the 2500 coil springed truck that was sitting next to it?.......does it raise up a tad when you start the truck and take off.?? It was an unplanned test drive so I didn't fully seize the moment on evaluating the truck/asking questions etc.....I just got in it and drove it......it was nice! I knew way more about the truck than the new sales guy....so I quit asking questions. When he said yeah these 6.2s are nice I stopped! Also, that rear cargo cam was sweet!!!!

thx guys, any thoughts on the mega and rear air would be appreciated

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Well I've got an 07 mega and I love it. I sat in a 13 and had almost no head room, very weird.

Anyways parking a mega cab is no harder then parking a truck with an 8 foot bed IMHO. The big reason I got the 07 was of the mega cab. Once you experience/own a mega I doubt you'll ever go back.
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Note my sig, its my daily driver, i've never towed with it or hauled anything over 100lbs. Parking can be a real pain, but can't be much worse than a crew. I didn't like the look of the mega portion, but it grew on me, and the space is awesome. Recining back seats are great. Most recliners the seat bottom moves forward as they recline, this seat bottom moves backwards so you get even more leg room. The back seats fold down, or pull another lever and they lay flat. Heard a double size mattres can fit back there, when seats are folded (someone correct me if i'm wrong). I have no regrets.

2006 2500 Laramie 4x4 std cab long box 4.10s drove it for 2.5yrs trade for 14
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2014 3500 Laramie 4x4 mega cab srw Aisin,
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Cant help you on the air bags, although I just installed firestones in mine and they do help the ride a bit, mind you mine is a 3500, can't get away with a 2500. I never had an issue with back pain or neck pain and mine is a dd, but I do load tools and materials often, you may want to go see a doctor about that... or maybe you are just trying to convince your self that you need to buy a new 2500... either way is ok.
Regarding the length of the MC, I don't have an issue with it as far as parking goes. It does take a bit of a learning curve but that goes for every new vehicle you drive, until your brain gets accustomed to the size of the vehicle and then it becomes second nature. I can park in most tight spots, though I purposely avoid them so I don't get my doors dinged.
On long trips the MC is great for the kids if you have them, reclining seats are awesome and super comfortable, if the boys are happy and comfy, I am happy.
I am 5'11" and could almost wear a top hat unless I pump the seat up, so I don't get the "no head room" form one of the previous posts.
Np regrets on the MEGA, I'd do it again for sure!

'14 MC 3500 4x4 G56 Laramie Bright White Mostly Stock. B&W 1314 & Firestone 2560 airbags
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When I bought my 2014, I was dissuaded from buying the MC by my significant other. I settled and later regretted. When the 2014 was totalled, I wasn't going to settle for a CC again. I got what I wanted second time around and I am pleased as punch. Absolutely love the looks and room of the MC. Most will say go MC if you have the luxury of choice.

2015 Mega Cab 2500 'Sport Limited' Bright White - BAKFlip F1, DeeZee Tailgate Assist, RAM BedRug, 6" BDS 4-link, 37" Toyo MT's, 4:44's, MBRP 'Cool Duals' exhaust plus a whole lot more.....
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The headroom issue might be for those with a sunroof or those that don't have the 8 way (or whatever the number is) power seats and cannot lower the seat. I keep my seat low, and with a plain roof (no sun roof) I have nore head room than I or anyone needs

2006 2500 Laramie 4x4 std cab long box 4.10s drove it for 2.5yrs trade for 14
2014 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Hemi has all off road options ordered for wife
2014 3500 Laramie 4x4 mega cab srw Aisin,
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I have a ccsb and quite honestly its big enough for what i use it for, i park downtown chicago or whatever town i happen to be working in, yep..its a pain parking sometimes but..i really regret not buying a megacab..definitely next time

2013 4x4 slt crew. 2" level 35's on 22's
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my ccsb sticks out currently in the parking garage I park in. coming from a 3rd gen cc this thing is huge ha. I had the opportunity to buy a 3500 megacab with air but opted out of it because of a few reasons.
1. the air rid was LOUD. idk why or what was going on, but the ENTIRE time I was in it it was running and it was annoying. It did ride fairly decent however but doesnt hold a candle to my 2500 for ride quality
2. it had a huge presence. I have always felt like I wanted a megacab, but when I finally drove one it felt massive. I love the idea of the rear seat folding down, but I also love my CC's little cooler boxes in the floor, which the mega doesnt have. I have used them at least 5-6 times since owning my truck.
3. I dont like them stock. I feel like the only way to own one is to make it huge. otherwise it looks goofy and too long. lifted and massive, all day. but stock, they look long and funny.

I'm not saying I dont love megas, because in all honesty I really do. I love 3rd gen megas honestly a little more than 4th gen ones but I still dig a 4th gen mega. I just at the time found a better deal on my CC over the mega. and by better deal I mean a HUGE difference haha. either way I want to someday own a mega just because I can. their super rad trucks. but what I plan on doing with my truck will suit my needs a lot better. so its all preference.

DirtShark: CAD Drawn Full tube chassis, stroked LS3, 39s, luxury prerunner In progress..
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I bought the 2500 Mega Cab and I love it. I love all the room that you get inside. You get so much room under the seats and behind the seats that you just don't get with the crew cab. Yes, it is quite big but it isn't as long as the 8ft bed Crew.

I use my Mega Cab as my daily driver. I do tow stuff with it, but not super heavy loads. I usually stick to under 3500kg (that is the legal limit I can pull in the UK without changing the truck's class to a commercial vehicle and needing a special license to drive it).

Oh yeah... I live in the UK... where we have small narrow roads, tiny parking spaces and where a Toyota Tacoma would look big... so if I can handle it as a daily driver over here, I'm sure you can in the US ;-)

Press the 'buy' button... you'll love it!

2015 RAM 2500 Mega Cab Limited | Cummins 6.7 | 4x4 | Imported into the UK
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I daily drive the truck in my sig 43 miles one way to work. If I have my say I'll never own anything but a Mega. Sure parking can be a pain but usually not. The kids love the extra room. A queen size air mattress fits in the back if you inflate it after you install it. 4 men can ride in a Mega comfortably with no one feeling cramped.

'16 3500 DRW CrewCab Tradesman.
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We moved from an 04 quad cab to a 14 mega and no complaints or regrets. The extra room is welcomed when needed as is the available storage and space. I use it for my daily commute (under 20 miles round trip a day) and my wife drives it on occasion as well. You will notice the reduced turning radius IMO although not so sure how significant compared to a similar year crew. Very happy with our choice and we wouldn't change a thing. The ride is very comfortable (we came from a 3500 srw 2004) and the truck tows incredibly well. You will on paper lose a little payload and towing capacity moving to the mega as I'm sure your aware. Good luck with your decision as you really can't make a bad one either way.
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Regarding headroom, the buckets can be adjusted much lower than the bench seat. Maybe that's why some are complaining of headroom. For me, with my trucks that had buckets (a 14 and a 15) I had plenty of headroom even with the sunroof that takes up some space. On my 15 that had the split bench, my head was always barely rubbing the ceiling but that truck had a sunroof too. I kept trying to lower the seat but it would go any further.
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