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Who cross-shopped a F250/350 and why did you go RAM?

I don't want to start a brand loyalty discussion, but I've mostly been a Ford guy (previous: '77 F150, '82 F150, '96 Bronco, '03 F250, '05 F250). Although I briefly had a Dakota 4x4 that my wife wrecked. I'm getting the itch for my first new truck instead of buying 10 year old ones with 100,000 miles on the clock.

This will be a fairly low mileage, daily driver, do-it-all like my previous trucks. Kids to school, pulling future toys (boat, RV, or whatever toy we decide to buy in the future), hauling stuff, off-road, snow, etc.

I'm nearly set on a '15-16 F250 6.7 crew cab lariat. But I can't dismiss the RAM yet. My brother has had a couple, my good friend has an '11 mega cab 6.7, father in law is a ram guy. I really like the looks, interior, and Cummins engine much better than the Ford. I'm scared of the 68RFE transmission in the 2500 (I blew the 4R100 in my '03 F250). The Aisin is a $3000 option only on the 3500. On the Fords, I like the power fold mirrors, keypad on the door, and other little "superduty" features better than the RAM. Plus all my accessories will transfer over (subwoofer, weathertech mats, tonneau cover, du-ha storage bin, etc) which is a minor plus when spending $60k on a new truck.

I read just as many horror stories of things going wrong on the cummins forum as I do on the ford forums so that seems a wash.

I'm not too concerned with max towing, but more having a "hot rod" 3/4 ton truck that gets up and goes like my modded '03 7.3 did. I plan to level it and run 35's, a tune, and when the warranty is gone, full delete.


EDIT: On page 7 of this thread I posted this link to the fordtruck.com forums with the same question posted. http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/13...superduty.html

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My family has tended to own Fords so that's what I thought I'd buy, but several things pushed me towards the Ram. One, I just don't trust the Powerstroke in general. Ford has a terrible track record with their diesel engines and while I think the 6.7 has been an improvement, my trust level isn't where it needs to be, especially with Ford's reputation with warranty issues. The second big thing is that Ford chassis is an old dog that really needs to be updated. Drive them back to back and the Ford frame feels like a step back in time (because it is). The interior in the Super Duty sort of blows too but that wasn't a very big deal to me.

As far as the Ram goes, I love the Cummins and the high torque (low rev) nature it has. Great interior, great exterior style, awesome ride/handling for a HD truck, and great fuel economy. These trucks feel solid as a rock going down the highway. It also has the best exhaust brake in the business, and the control you have towing is second to none.

Just about all of the problems I've read about on the 68RFE have been on tuned trucks - at stock power they seem to be really reliable. If you want to tune a Ram, your best bet is probably a 3500 Aisin. I still don't understand how people think any of these modern diesels don't have enough power stock but I guess that's for another thread.

Edit - Ram has a power fold mirror option now too.

2015 Ram CTD Crew Cab Short Box 4x4
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Im a chevy fan but bought the dodge because of the motor. Both dodges have been work trucks so the bells and whistles aren't a deciding factor for me. Also Im a big fan of a manual trans for towing. Only tranny issues Ive had was the clutch wouldnt hold after power was added. I would buy a dmax before a pstroke. Just my .02

07.5 Dodge 3500 dually 4x4, Big Horn, QC, Anarchy EFI, MP8, AiRaid intake, Fireringed, ARP 425, 2in Skyjacker, BD track bar, Moog parts, G56/3:73, SBDD 3250.
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I'm probably going to get flak for this, but with what is offered and through my experiences, I'd have to choose the Ford Super Duty.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Ram for the looks, interior, the manual trans and Cummins 6.7

Ford just has a better built overall truck. The suspension components, transmission and electronics especially. Built in USA is a big thing to me also.

Until Ram can offer a truck with a BASE trans that isn't crude and suspension components that don't wear and/or fail within 50k miles, I'm out.

Again, I know this is a RAM forum, I hope other members here are mature enough to respect my opinion.

Thank you and good luck with whatever truck you choose.

2006 4x4 F-250 CCSB Bulletproofed 6.0 222000 miles
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I am driving a 2015 F250 with the 6.7 until my truck gets here (a 16 Ram 2500). I drive roughly 90 minutes one way to work with a mix of highway and city. I drive the custom trucks I build home at least one time before they are delivered to make sure they are tight. All the custom trucks are Rams and generally 2500s. I just delivered a custom jeep on a flatbed last night in the Ford. Here is what I have seen in roughly 10k of personal seat time in the Ford......

It rides like an unsprung log wagon - I hate the ride. The custom Rams ride like a car with big tires. The mileage on the Ford sucks and it regens at least 3 times a week. My average right now is 13.7 and I have been working to get mileage. I don't like the way the engine feels. It's "clattery" if that makes sense. Can't stand the dash or the radio.... I'm not a brand guy at all. I manage the truck department at my Ford store too. But if asked my opinion I will tell the person that asks - my garage will have a Ram in it. At least this year.....
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I cross-shopped between an F250 and a Ram 2500 in 2014 and tested a King Ranch, Platinum and a Laramie. I ended up picking the Ram partly b/c the Laramie felt much more like a $60K truck than the F250 King Ranch or the Platinum; better interior with better materials, better ride, better infotainment, etc.

That being said, the Ford's 6.7 Powerstroke will give you more of that "Hot-Rod" feeling vs the Cummins (heck, they clocked a 2015 F350 4x4 DUALLY at 8.17 seconds 0-60).

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Same as above, was pretty intent on buying a ford. Drove the ram after the ford, and although slower, the ram felt like a 60k truck and the ford felt dated.

Official CF repair crew
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I had a 2006 F350 powerstroke that I loved. I still miss the power and sound that engine had but I was exhausted trying to keep up with the repairs on it. There came a point where I fixed it enough to trade it in and thats when I decided to go with a more dependable cummins.

I love that the ram still offers a manual transmission which was another selling point for me, the uconnect with the huge screen is amazing. All around a better vehicle and more dependable with the cummins

2013 2500 CTD ---- flow pro 5 inch turbo back exhaust --- sinister egr delete --- efibyryan hardway performance tuning with CSP5 switch ---- top gun customz 6 inch stage 4 lift --- fierce 35 inch m/t with XD820 Grenade rims 17x9
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I looked at all of the HD trucks back in 2013. This was my PERSONAL observations of the three:

-I love the look of the truck on the exterior. It looks the most masculine out of the three. That's where it stopped for me. The interior looks terrible and dated. Too boxy and it didn't seem to flow. The seats weren't very comfortable. I read about all of the horror stories with the trucks and talked to a couple of my diesel mechanic friends and they told me to stay away. I didn't want the problems and headaches down the road. The other thing that killed it for me was the height of the truck. Because I park in the parkades downtown, the Ford wouldn't fit. Its almost an inch+ taller than the Ram.

-I liked the exterior styling and the motor and trans, but the interior was horrible!!! It was like getting into a cavalier. For 80K, it was very disappointing to say the least.

-I loved everything about the truck especially the motor. I have no regrets and absolutely love this thing.

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In the summer of 2013 when I was shopping for my new truck I looked at Super Duty's also. I was not impressed with the Fords. The ride was not as good, I did not like the gauges/dash, the price was way more for the same options on both, and the build just seemed to not be as good on the Fords. Before this truck I owned a 99 F350 and then a 04 F250. My Ram is better than both. I also drive a '11 F350 and '13 F550 at my local firehouse and would much rather drive my Ram, way better.

2013 Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins
1989 Ram D250 5.9 Cummins

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RV.Net Open Roads Forum: 4th Gen Ram Fleet Review after a year in the Arctic

This is a very good extreme conditions write-up of the three modern diesels. None of our trucks will see conditions like this, but the results are still telling.

2015 Ram CTD Crew Cab Short Box 4x4
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Originally Posted by IdaD View Post
One, I just don't trust the Powerstroke in general. Ford has a terrible track record with their diesel engines and while I think the 6.7 has been an improvement, my trust level isn't where it needs to be, especially with Ford's reputation with warranty issues.
I owned a 2008 6.4L F350. It was an awesome truck! I loved the TorqShift Transmission and when I didn't have problems, it was the second best truck I ever owned and I've had many. I was one of the many people who had emissions problems on the 6.4L. It cost me $4500 when the EGR cracked and Ford wouldn't cover it (it's a long story). The F350 was awesome, the engine and transmission were awesome, the emissions and warranty sucked.

I disagree with what the above poster said. Ford (Navistar) came out with the 7.3L which is one of the best diesel engines out there. I'd take an old 7.3L truck if I ever got rid of my Ram.

The best truck I've ever owned is my current ride. It's over 4 years old, and has only been to the dealer for routine maintenance and 3 recalls. It's used as a daily driver, towing, grocery getter,etc. You get the picture. It has never failed to exceed my expectations. I would call that a reliable truck. Is it the fastest? Nope. Will it out pull a GM or Ford up a big grade pulling my trailer and toys? Nope. However, it is a workhorse of a truck that actually feels like it runs better when towing. It doesn't slow down up hills and the tow haul/ exhaust brake combo rocks.

I would never tell somebody not to get a Ford or GM. The Scorpion 6.7L is a huge improvement over the 6.0L and 6.4L. I don't go on the Powerstroke websites much but I believe Ford's gotten most of the bugs out of the 6.7L engine. The only thing I would warn somebody considering buying a Ford is they did not honor the warranty on the 6.4L engine. They did everything they could legally do to get out of paying for the emissions problems on the 6.4L

I swore Ford off just because of how badly they treated me and my family when my F350 left us stranded when the EGR cracked. I bought my current truck and don't have one single regret. Ford, GM, and Ram all make a good truck. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to find the truck that works best for you. I don't think you'd be wrong purchasing any of the 3 mentioned truck brands.

Lastly, there are alot of Ford bashers on this site and most have probably never even owned a Ford truck. This is a Cummins site and of course the opinions are going to be skewed to Cummins. I can tell you this, my Ram/Cummins is easily the best truck I've ever owned and have no plans on getting rid of mine.

2011 3500 LARAMIE LONGHORN CCLB 4X4, 6.7L HO, 3.73 Gears, 68RFE Auto, SRW, Sagebrush
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2008 Mercedes Diesel GL 320 CDI (my wife's car)
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Totally Stock and Love it!

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