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KTMGuy90 05-22-2019 09:55 PM

Re-Manufactured 6.7 Cummins Motor
Hello Forum,

This is my first post on here, so bare with me. I got a 12 Cummins 6.7 Laramie Longhorn 1 year ago. After purchasing it I learned it was deleted, straight pipe, banks intake, and what I found out to be a high horsepower tune. Long story short is he drove the truck towing hard and never looked at exhaust temps and did a lot of damage to the motor. Truck shows delete happened around 15,000 and there is 111,00 on the truck. I had good luck with it up till a week ago :surprise: Coming down the hill ( We live in the mountains in CO) headed to a race near our house rigged up I engaged the jake brake and all of a sudden I felt something breka loose in the motor and then it continued to knock and double knock hard, motor shaked, and blew white till I was able to get over and turn her off. I had done all my oil changes @ 3K and had taked really good care of it. I was about to get an Edge reader, but regardless the motor probably had its damage done by the time I took ownership.

Sent it into our local professional diesel shop, and they did a compression test on the motor and stopped after the first cylinder. It had 0% compression. Shop techs said motor is toast. He melted it.

The Dealer I bought the truck from sold me a 4,500 service agreement 36,000/ or 36 months on the powertrain +. Inspector came to shop and denied the claim due to EGR delete, and exhaust mod. Dealer never told me, but my buddy I showed the truck to after I bough it told me it was deleted. I didn't mind cause I planned to do it anyways to the truck. This is my first Cummins, always been a Powerstroke guy, but had cooler problems on those trucks. So I told myself I would delete, and it was done anyway.

Long story short I have been doing a lot of research on re-manufcatured motors vs. built motors. I have a couple shops here that seem to have different opinions. I wanted to ask the group what everyone recommends I do. I am going to spend some money, but I want to do it right. I am also going to upgrade turbo, transmission, tune and programmer when I do the motor. My rig weighs around 6K.

I love the truck and motor and want to build it up right. Thanks in advance!0:)

Den52 05-23-2019 01:39 PM

I have never bought a rebuilt engine and I have never rebuilt a diesel. Having said that, my advise would be to get a remanufactured engine from a reputable rebuilder that offers the best warranty, and check references. I think there are local rebuilders around the area but if they fold your warranty is lost. BTW, I would have the ECM returned to stock settings before firing up a new/rebuilt engine and then purchase a programmer/tune to your choosing. I have an H&S Mini Maxx on my 2011 that can be set to stock, mild, wild, and hot. I run mild when towing the 5er and wild for town driving, but run the hot setting for long highway trips for best fuel mileage. I would also recommend having head studs installed in place of the factory head bolts for a little added security. I am sure those with personal experience with engine rebuild/replacement with have names of engine vendors, at least one can hope. Keep us posted on your engine endeavor.

KTMGuy90 05-23-2019 03:16 PM

Thanks for the advice. I will for sure reset ECM to stock before firing new motor.

Def trying to find a reputable dealer for a remanufactured with a decent warranty yes.

Ever had to do a transmission as well?

KTMGuy90 05-23-2019 03:45 PM

Seems like it is hard to find a reputable company that will sell you a motor without issues and that stands behind their motors?

Please and advice would be very helpful. THANKS EVERYONE!

danthman114 05-23-2019 04:17 PM

i know the government liquidation website have these engines on there still in the crate for auction sometimes.

KTMGuy90 05-23-2019 11:46 PM

Looking like I am gonna lean towards bringing the truck down to the big city "denver" to have a Diesel Shop do the work. Just trying to ensure the best shop to do the build. Got the quote from first shop for the "worst case" scenario on it today, not including transmission. I have copied some pictures in here for you guys to look at!

Looks like the following: Mahle Pistons, Upper and Lower Connecting Rod Bearings, Lower Engine Gasket Kit, Lifters/Tappets, Hamilton Cam, ARP Head Studs, OEM Injectors, Turbo and Actuator ( Do I upgrade or select other than OEM?) Machine Work on Cylinder Head - Surface and Peformance 3 Angle Valve Job, Valve Springs, Deck the Block?

Could anyone let me know if this is what I should do and if the price range is correct? Thank you!

KTMGuy90 05-24-2019 09:20 AM

I have also learned about this shop in UT that I might end up taking it out 2.

I am going to call them up today and talk with him. Looks legit and might be a lot less expensive. Reviews seem solid from people who have gotten motors from this guy.

pocketgunner 05-24-2019 10:02 AM

There are a few companies in Texas that have been rebuilding nothing but diesels and mainly Cummins engines for 20 plus years. A rebuilt short block is $32-4000 I believe, your current head surface may need to be machined flat depending on how bad the damage is to the motor and what all let loose. I would look around for a builder whose been in the business for a long time and go that route. Now you can really REALLY drop some cash if you dive into the built motor scene lol its all in what your goal is for the truck end of the day.... tow with good reliable usable power OR make as much power as you can.

lobsterbake 05-24-2019 10:28 AM

KTMGuy90 05-24-2019 11:11 AM

Yah, I have contacted Cummins dealer in Grand Junction and gave them my serial # of my motor. I have heard from a shop they have had bad luck getting a re-man from Cummins for the $. I think I am better off having someone build one out if I am going to be putting this kind of change into it! Thanks for the reply tho, really.

KTMGuy90 05-24-2019 11:12 AM

Good advice, thanks pocket runner. This is the direction I am headed.

ritchie1087 05-24-2019 11:36 AM

i would make the dealer you bought it from rebuild it if they sold it to you deleted and gave a warenty id say this is how i bought it from you i havnt touched it you can fix it

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