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Incredible info in this thread... I used much of this...

One thing I did that others might consider is to address the radiant heat that can enter the cab... I used radiant barrier (looks like a huge sheet of aluminum foil with string in it to hold it together) over the new carpet pad. I also used "bubble wrap" radiant barrier (this provides some insulation value) this was combined with a sheet of 1/2" thick rubber and a layer of carpet padding for the back wall - it did get very thick in the back and has made the back seat a little harder to fold up (but I don't do it often and it is not hard, but I wanted others to know it did change the feel).

Clarification here: I used the sheet on the floor. I used the bubble wrap on the back wall and I will use it on the ceiling (when I do the headliner).

Just somethings to consider.


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