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Check out what the EPA has forced Dodge to do to meet emission specs on the 6.7. (Added an Diesel emission fluid reservior mechanism/tank in the exhaust flow to dose the new particulate filter/cat converter, at an est'd 3 bucks a gallon, using about 3% of fuel consumption as dose of DEF....about 3 bucks per 33 gallon fuel fill.

Which raise legality and practicality issues for anyone using a tuner/increased flow exhaust pipe on the 2010 engine factory set-up. Possibly this will generate better fuel mileage, as the need for in-cylinder Nox emissions is also reduced...we will have to wait and see...but I don't like it....more gimcrackery, I do not want.

I stickin to the 5.9 2nd gen until death do us part.
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