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I got some more work done today. I was only able to work on it for a few hours but I got most of the peripheral automatic components removed, and got the transfer case out. I was able to remove the oil-air cooler without removing my bumper. It was a chore but it beats the hell out of removing *my* bumper, especially with the way my truck is jammed into my garage.

I got some pictures of the bellhousing weld job and have edited them into post #2.

I also remembered one salvage yard was open today, so I scored a late 2nd gen transfer case shifter. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be easier to build a bracket off the side of the transmission's rear case and use the early shifter like that other guy did. The late shifter mounts far enough over to the side of the tunnel that mounting it will be very hard, because the carpet will NOT budge nearly enough to get sheet metal screws in where they need to go. It also mounts sufficiently flush with the floor that I think there might be a clearance issue with the boot. It might be different once I get the transmission out of the way and I can really mock it up, but that's what it's looking like now. I'll get some pictures tomorrow when I know more.

Before I dropped the transfer case, I got measurements of where the t-case output sat vertically in relation to the bottom of the frame rails and laterally (I guess, forward vs backward) relative to a brace on the bottom of the cab. I'm expecting the output to be about 2" further toward the rear, and will hack'n'fab the crossmember to achieve the same vertical height.

Tomorrow I have the entire day, so I'm expecting to get some major work done.

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