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Okay, today was spent plugging away at unhooking things. Nothing was pic-worthy... just driveshafts, cooler lines, TV cable, and skid plate.

The skid plate might pose a problem because of the crossmember mods. I'm not sure how upset I am about this though, the factory skid plate has always irritated me a bit because of how far it sticks down and how little impact protection it provides. At this point, I'm not sure it's even going back on. The transfer case doesn't stick down that far and I don't get into that gnarly of situations off-roading. If I decide to put one back on, I'll probably just make a new one out of 1/4" plate.

I also got a closer look at my transfer case shifter, and that part has the capacity to be a pain in the @ss. Reason being is I incorrectly remembered the shifter mounting to the cab, when in real life it's entirely mounted to the transmission. The "fab work" I thought I would have to do was just to accommodate for the longer length of the new transmission and possibly working the rod around it's girth.

After some research, it appears I need the shifter linkage out of a 98-02 Ram. That style mounts to the cab, and I found a thread where a guy used it and it apparently worked for him. I'm going to call my local wrecking yard Monday and see if they can hook me up. If not, I found another thread where a guy made a bracket on the side of the G56 that worked for him. Also, I learned the shift knobs for the transfer case and the factory G56 shifter are the same. Just different shift pattern inserts. Or, (I learned a cool word for them) "shift pattern escutcheons."

I also noticed the neutral safety switch while I was down there and realized I was going to have to do something with that. There are two wires coming out of my master cylinder for the clutch safety switch. I have always detested the "clutch in to start" crap, however, my wife's Subaru will kick cruise control off if you tap the clutch. I kinda like that feature. It appears the switch on the '09 clutch master works with minimal pedal input, but I haven't seen it in action so I don't know. Will the factory neutral safety switch on the 47RH deactivate cruise if continuity is made/broken?

'95 2500 ECLB 4x4, 334k and paused due to epic transformation in progress.

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