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Thanks guys...CMS that was one hell of a post.
Many issues involved here, all of which led to catastrophic failure. I just ordered a new upgraded trans for it (47RE). In wanting to be able to drive it the 3 miles from my place to my mechanic so he could do the swap, I dropped the pan and changed the filter and added approx six quarts of Amalie +4. In the bottom of the pan was part of the belt tensioner, a little wedge with a notch in it with a little ball socket on the thick end. Problem 1, nobody every serviced the tension. I think the pulsing was probably solenoid related and ultimately the clutches just burnt up. Got it the 3 miles I needed, had to cycle thru all of the gears to get it into drive, but it stayed there and didn't act too horrible. Looking forward to getting it back next week as borrowing trucks to haul live animals and using my wife's subaru to bring back the whole half's riding shotgun is getting old.
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