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I'll TRY to help. As stated below I am just a guy who works on my own truck. I actually just literally finished rebuilding my own 48RE a day ago.

I believe that you have a 47re? Maybe not...Im not too familiar with those years. But regardless it sounds like the governor solenoid or pressure transducer. Thats a lot of symptoms.... all seem like they could point to the solenoid and transducer though.

Im not a professional by any means though and I am not even sure what trans you have. Not sure what you mean by sorting the do's and dont's with the overdrive either?

2004 3500 4x4 SRW QC - 48RE self built @ 202K with lots of goodies - HE351CW, S&B CAI, 08 front clip, Edge Juice with Attitude CTS2, Silverline 4" exhaust, Cometic Gskts
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