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Performing a Drain & Fill on the Aisin AS69RC Transmission

My '14 RAM 3500 Crew Cab Tradesman 4x4 is at 33,445 miles and 621 drive hours as of today. The Aisin AS69RC requires a drain & fill at 30,000 miles. At 60,000 miles, the pan is dropped, the sump filter is replaced, and the fluid is replaced. At 90,000 miles, another drain & fill is performed. At 120,000 miles, the pan is dropped, the sump filter is replaced, and the fluid is get the idea on the future service intervals.

What you'll need :
  • Large drainpan. If you change your own oil on your CTD, your engine oil drain pan will work great.
  • 19 mm six point socket & 3/8" ratchet.
  • Small funnel for adding the new transmission fluid.
  • 8 quarts of MOPAR ASRC transmission fluid (quart part number 05189966AB).
  • Shop towels or clean rags.
From a previous post :

My parts guy printed me out a list of capacities for the 2013 RAM 3500 trucks. Interestingly, the Aisin overhaul fill amount is 13.74 quarts. The overhaul fill on the 68RFE is 16.4--17.5 quarts. The service fill for the Aisin is 7.2 quarts (I bought 8 quarts). The service fill on the 68RFE was not listed, but I believe it was a little over 10.5 quarts for my 2007.5 RAM 3500.

I had been on about a 62 mile round trip running some errands today, so my transmission fluid was already at operating temperature. I prefer to change it at that temperature, as I'd expect best draining (same thing with my engine oil----I guess I'm a glutton for punishment). I did verify the transmission fluid level prior to performing the drain & fill. It was about 3/4 of the way into the cross hatched area for "HOT" fluid (167*F).

Find a level area to perform the drain & fill. Slide your drainpan and yourself under the truck. Clean the transmission pan area around the drain plug. Using the 19 mm six point socket and 3/8" ratchet, loosen the drain plug. While removing the drain plug, keep in mind that the drain plug has a metal gasket. It's really easy for the metal gasket to separate from the drain plug.....and subsequently fall into a drain pan full of fluid. Don't ask me how I know.....

Plan on giving the transmission about 30 minutes to drain minimum. My observations were that very few drops came out after the 30 minute mark, but that's just a yardstick you can go by for planning purposes.

Clean off the transmission pan and re-install the drain plug with gasket. I do not know the intended torque of the drain plug bolt, but I'd guess no more than 10 to 15 ft lbs. Use common sense and you should be fine.

Using the small funnel, begin replacing the fluid. I let each bottle drain for a couple of minutes. This fluid seems relatively "thin" IMO. In between the first three bottles or so, I transferred the old fluid into gallon jugs. It appeared that the ~ 7 quart estimate was close to dead*nuts on.

I added seven quarts and took it for a test drive long enough to get the fluid to 163*F to 167*F (normal unloaded operating temperature). With the engine running, on level ground, in PARK, I found 7 quarts put the oil level to within 1/8 of an inch of the uppermost portion of the "HOT" mark. I plan on leaving it as is.....I'll re-check it tomorrow after I deliver a new 2014 GatorMade 40 ft gooseneck trailer to Arthur, IL.

Poor picture of fluid level on dipstick prior to changing.

File pic of drain plug on pan.

Drain plug removed.

Drain plug and gasket.

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2018 RAM 4500 Chassis Tradesman Crew Cab 60” C/A 4WD, 6.7L Cummins, AISIN AS69RC Transmission, 4.10 Axle Ratio, Chrome Appearance Group, Keyless Entry, Fog Lamps, Chrome Tubular Steps, 52+22 gallon fuel tanks, 5.0 Radio, Single Disc CD Player, 225/70R19.5 Continental HDR’s, Aluminum Wheels, Parkview Backup Camera, Trailer Brake Controller. Equipped with a CM SK Series flatbed w/B&W Turnover Ball. Purchased new April 23, 2018. Currently : 176,194 miles and 3,098 hours as of October 26th, 2019 (Average Miles Per Hour = 56.9)

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