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Originally Posted by SRT Inc. View Post
Awesome score! Keep us posted on the fix-up!

Wish I could find a $500 Cummins truck for swap parts to my $1500 Crew!
Nice Crew Cab!! Are you planning a Cummins Crew cab build? I think those things are absolutely awesome!

I'm not sure what the plan is for 93. I started driving it back and forth to school (6 hr round trip every week) during my Junior year of college. I was trying to get it road worthy and reliable before the next summer because I knew my next internship was going to be down in Tennessee.

The first thing I knew was going to be a problem was the 4:10 gears. Man would that thing just scream going down the road! And torquey as ever!! So I ended up doing a little research and picking up a 3:54 LS Dana 70 from a 2nd gen 4wd Cummins truck for $200. That was an interesting swap because I hadn't realized the new axle was a total of 5" wider than mine

1993 D250 Club Cab, Denny-T fuel pin, 3200 gov spring, Getrag 5 spd, 3.54 2nd gen Dana 70.
NEW 1992 W250 Club Cab, Stock, Auto, Needs love.
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