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Electronic tuning is definitely a blast...especially if you have the luxury of a dyno at your beckoned call. I am really fighting the urge to get a CR truck and fiddle with them.. I hae a buddy at a speedshop who is working on a fully mappable ecm for the '03+. That might be the camel's back!

Now on to the 12 valve. There's nothing that quite equals raw mechanical power. Maybe it's just from the seat of your pants tuning aspect, but riding a 12valve making the truck beg for mercy is a really hard addiction to find a cure for.

From experience I have never purchased an aftermarket plate to know any subtle diffs 'tween say a TST #10 and a another guy's #10. But I know TST's 10 is a popular one. I wouldn't feel bad about there's for sure. And all their torque and HP ratings are taken with a stock located plate, with a stock fuel system. Start inchin that plate forward, add injectors and DV's and some more air and you've got a real tranny shredder on your hands. It'll keep you happy for...oh I dunno...a week or two LOL.

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