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Announcements in Forum : Hawaii
07-24-2014 until 08-24-2015
CF Administration
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Cumminsforum does not condone modifying vehicles for the purpose of creating smoke, rolling coal, or smoking people out.

2.14 Cumminsforum does not condone modifying vehicles for the purpose of creating smoke, rolling coal, or smoking people out. The discussion of such topics is prohibited.
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PLEASE READ: Public Announcement about profanity and respect for your fellow user.

Folks, it's become painfully obvious that we have some issues with posts on here, and we have decided that it's time to wrangle in the monster in an effort to improve the forum experience for ALL members.

Here are some areas that we will be cracking down on more:

*Profanity. Profanity simply isn't going to be acceptable, and that includes using alternate characters in place of letters. An "A" followed by two "z's" is the same as an "A" followed by two "s's". One of my sticking points is the term douche or dbag; no more.

*"Dog-piling" or a "mob mentality". I see it all the time, a person posts a question or asks for input, and pretty soon one member slams them and before we know it, we have four or five guys jumping on. No more.

*Respect. We all need to make an effort when conversing with folks, to be as respectful as possible. Treat others like their input is gold; you don't have to like an idea but be respectful. It's possible to have a discussion with opposing views and still being friendly and respectful. Childish antics and fits and personal shots/attacks are not acceptable, this isn't Congress. Treat others with the utmost respect and you'll get it in return.

*Baiting. I don't go a day without seeing multiple posts designed to instigate and argument, or crafted in a way to provoke another members response. No more.

Basically folks, if you can't treat others with respect, and keep the language down, and follow the very rules that YOU agreed to when you signed up for this forum, you don't need to be here. We're all grown men, it's time we act like it. I expect the longer term members to act as a positive example for the newer guys.

This is going to be a long process, and I expect many won't like the vacations they receive. Consider this your warning folks, we will be swift in dealing with issues and won't be lenient in our disciplinary measures.

Please, everyone, before you post a message, read over it again. Ask yourself "will this instigate an argument?" or "is the language acceptable?" If not, change it before you hit submit.
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Originally Posted by Common View Post
Why would you buy a Hellcat for road trips?
Originally Posted by MorSmokPls View Post
Because you can
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10-14-2013 until 11-14-2017
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Classified restrictions

Unfortunately, due to the recent influx of people getting scammed in the classifieds, we have resorted to posing restrictions for accessing the classifieds.

You now must meet one of two classifications in order to see the classified ads.

1) Member must have at least 50 posts and must be registered on the site more than 30 days.

2) Members with Premium Membership via Paypal must be registered on the site more than 30 days and be verified that their Paypal address is valid.

We understand this is not ideal, but this is a Cummins diesel knowledge site first and foremost, the classified ads are a perk/feature that goes along with the site, not a necessity to run the site.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

CF staff

Before you post, ask yourself if this is going to add to the value of the thread?

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Originally Posted by Winkles View Post
The problem is that common sense isn't so common anymore...
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01-06-2011 until 02-06-2021
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New Mobile Application

Hi everyone,

We have completed the testing of our mobile application, and it is now available for purchase in the iTunes store.

When searching for the app, you have look up "AutoGuide". Once you have found and downloaded it, you will be able to go through our list of sites and choose this one.

You can also click on this link to download it to your iPhone/iTunes directly:

Some of you are probably aware that this site has Tapatalk currently. Our app is designed to work along side Tapatalk on this forum, so if you are currently visiting our forum using Tapatalk, it will continue to work as it did before.

The AutoGuide app is designed to work exclusively with the AutoGuide network, so if you happen to frequent several of our forums, it will work on those as well, and you can easily jump between them. We do have plans to also release a free version of the app in the future supported by mobile advertising.

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